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Pull Out Printer Shelf

 Pull Out Printer Shelf - Click for Larger Image
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Custom sized: To specify width, see "Cab. opening within 1/16", above. 

SPECIFICATIONS: Pull Out Printer Sliding Shelves are 22” long front-to-back.  The Shelf is 3/4" thick Baltic Birch or Native Birch, edge banded so the plywood edges do not show.
USE THiS Pull Out Printer Shelf to make using your printer convenient, while able to push it back in place when not in use.

CONSTRUCTION:  The shelf floor is 3/4” plywood, edge banded on all 4 sides.
 The 3/4-extension glides (standard) allow your Pull Out Shelf to pull out about 16-1/2".  With the Full-Extension option your Pull Out Shelf will pull out the full 22".  The hidden glides are not available for the Pull Out Printer Shelf.  Our Glides have been tested through 100,000 open/close cycles , are  rated at 100# load (75# dynamic), and have a limited lifetime warrantee.

READY FOR FINISHING:  Pull Out Shelves are Hand Sanded, ready for staining or painting.  Baltic Birch stains well in almost any hew.  Lighter stains highlight the natural beauty of the variation in color and grain, while darker stains even out the color somewhat. A pre-stain sealer tends to even out the color even more.