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     A Blind Corner is that corner kitchen cabinet that you almost have to crawl inside to reach anything. Plus, it's dark in there.  Usually you store things in there that you never see again, because the corner cabinet is so inaccessible. 

     How can you turn that awful space into something that's really useful for kitchen storage ?

The Answer...   A Blind Corner Lazy Susan !

White Double Blind Corner Susan
White Double Lazy Susan
Blind Corner operating demo Wood (Maple) Lazy Susan
  Wood Double Lazy Susan

 HOW IT WORKS                 

Single Blind Corner Susan

(Also available,  White Single Blind Corner Lazy Susans)

Isn't  that   GREAT ?

     Each Lazy Susan shelf rotates, then you can pull it out of the cabinet 10-1/4", making it easy to get to absolutely any item on the shelf.  WOW !   How great is that ?

     Lazy Susans for blind corners are sold here by the set.  When you order the Double Blind Corner Lazy Susan, You get both rotating, pull-out Lazy Susan Shelves, just like we show in the photos above.  Each shelf operates independently. You will also receive all the hardware required for installation, and easy-to-follow installation instructions.

    When you order the Single Blind Corner Susan, you receive the Rotating Shelf and all the hardware to attach it to the cabinet floor or to an existing permanent shelf. 

     Recover that lost storage space back in the corner.  Items stored on a Lazy Susan are actually easier to get than from a standard kitchen cabinet.  Imagine that !   Change the worst storage area into the best storage area... all with Lazy Susans from Pullashelf.com .

Do I have Choices ?

     Of course you have choices.  We always give you choices.  We have White or Maple Blind Corner Lazy Susan Doubles available, plus  Single Blind Corner Lazy Susans.

Will Lazy Susans fit My Cabinets ?

     Our Lazy Susans will fit most kitchen blind corner cabinets.  There are three dimensions given on each product page showing what those minimum measurements must be.  If the opening width, depth, and length of the interior of your cabinet meet those minimums, the Lazy Susan will fit. 

     All colors and types shown here come in 3 different sizes.  That way you're almost sure to find the proper size for your corner cabinet, in the color of your choice..

What can I store on Lazy Susans ?

     Sliding Shelf Lazy Susans will hold up, even when loaded solid with canned goods.  While food storage is not the typical favorite for Lazy Susan storage, It's nice to know you could use them for food storage if you want to.

     The favorite items should be things you use often.  Since this storage space is now one of the handiest spots in your kitchen,  storing much-used items now makes sense.   From your favorite cooking and baking pans to mixing bowls and serving item. 

     Since each Double Lazy Susan kit comes with 2 rotating pull-out shelves, you can use one shelf for food storage and the other for cooking items.  The bottom line is, you can use Lazy Susans to store virtually anything. 

What about the Guarantee ?

     There is a Life-Time Warranty on our Blind Corner Lazy Susans, just like on our Sliding Shelves.  If anything ever goes wrong, (other than abuse or insurable damage) just let us know.  We will send a replacement..