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When do I need Full-Extension ?

   If you have large items, they usually end up at the back of the shelf so you will be able to see the items in front of it.

   But when you pull out a shelf with 3/4-extension glides, the large items are still at least partially inside the cabinet.

   To get the large item, or to put it back, because there's not enough room to lift the large item over the top of the items in front, you have to unload those items in front of it, remove the large item, then put all the small items back.
3/4-Extension Glides

3/4-Extension Glide Demo - Access blocked

Access to Large Pot
is Blocked.
   Advantage of Full-Extension Glides

   That's where the full-extension glides come in. Instead of leaving a portion of the shelf still in the cabinet, the full-extension glides allow the Pull Out Shelf to pull all the way out.

   You may get to any item. even the items clear at the back of the shelf, without disturbing any other item.

   Full-Extension glides may be used to attach to the surface below or where there is no existing shelf, or on a half-shelf.

Full-Extension Glides

Full-Extension Glide Access Demonstration

Offers easy access to
any item on the shelf.
Full-Extension Standard Glides on Pull Out Shelf

     Full-Extension Glides

Pull out the Full distance of the Glide length.  (i.e. 22" long glide pulls out 22".)   

 * Lengths - 2" increments
   12" - 24" No Extra Cost
   26" - 36" Call for Quote

 * Mount to surface below
    3-Piece Glide is White.
    (See photo on Left)

 * Mount where there is no
    existing shelf
    2-Piece Glide is Silver.
    (See photo on Right)

 * Side-Mount may be either
    White or Silver.

Frame-Mount Full-Extension Glides on Pull Out Shelf
White. Goes on the side of the Pull Out Shelf, but attaches to the surface below. Pulls out the full length of the glide.
     Silver. Goes on the side of the Pull Out Shelf, and attaches to the Front Cabinet Frame and the Back Cabinet Wall.  No existing shelf required.
3/4-Extension Glides on Pull Out Shelf     3/4-Extension Glides

Pulls out 3/4 of the Glide Length. (i.e. 22" Glide pulls out 16-1/2".)

  * Lengths Standard
     2" increments
     12" - 24" No Extra Cost
     26" - 30" Call for Quote

  *  Lengths Hidden
     3" increments
     12" - 21" No Extra Cost
      No other Sizes Available
    Both Standard and Hidden
    may be used in all 3 types
    of installations...

  1.  Attach to surface below
  2.  No existing shelf required
  3.  Install on Half-Shelf

3/4-Extension Hidden Glides on Pull Out Shelf
Standard Glides
Hidden Glides
   Goes on the side of the Pull Out Shelf. May attach to the surface below or to the front cabinet frame.
   May also be used on a half-shelf.
   Installs under the Pull Out Shelf, so it doesn't show when the shelf is pulled out.  Allows the actual Pull Out Shelf to be 5/8"wider.